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Spatial measurements with high accuracy,
Possible with acoustic techniques!



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Our acoustic measurement instruments are used to measure the temperature and the humidity of air.
Measurements of temperature in liquids are also possible with our acoustic techniques.

The processing of spatial acoustic measurements gives the real situation and is based on physical modelling and tomographic data processing, whereas CFD (computational fluid dynamics) calculations give an indication of it.

Temperature and velocity fields in air. Related technology is available for humidity and flow measurements.
Equipment and software are available to carry out the measurements and the required data processing.

Standard products


HumiTemp measures the Humidity and Temperature of air with high accuracy, low maintenance up to condensing 100% RH.


EnoTemp measures simultaneously the velocity of air and temperature (1-, 2- and 3-dimensional)


ClimaPole measures the vertical temperature, humidity and flow profile


Proces equipment and software for spatial process monitoring. Continuous and simultaneous spatial measurements of flow and temperature fields in liquids, air and other gases.
Applications are i.e. flow and temperature distributions in greenhouses, clean rooms and laboratories.


Flow devices


Unique combination of high accuracy and measurement of air velocity, temperature, humidity and mass flow of water vapour, enthalpy and energy flow. Dedicated for the process industry.


Measures flow acoustically, air temperature and atmospheric pressure.