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Acoustic flow measurement system for very accurate leakage detection.

AcouFlow measuring instruments for high quality leakage measurements have been developed for testing of leakage validation and facades.
Dedicated to mobile appilcations like leakage measurements in buildings.

Easy to use and robust.
The measuring device is portable, easy to use and insensitive to dust or humidity.

Bi-directional flow measurements within a very large range are possible without pressure drop.

No changeovers or pressure compensation needed.
Measuring results can be followed both on the device itself as at the work location e.g. within the facade chamber.

The device has a display and a Bluetooth module.
The measurement results are wireless available on a notebook.

Flow -250 < Q < +250 m3/h; standard accuracy < 2,5% m.v.
Measuring accuracy in the very low flow range 0,5 m3/ hour.
Above this the accuracy is better than 2,5 % of measured value.

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